Ventis® HE250R Wood Fireplace

Ventis HE250R Wood Fireplace

Product Details

Meet the Ventis® HE250R Wood Fireplace, an impressive blend of function and design. With its high-quality construction and superior heating capabilities, it becomes the centerpiece of any room. The fireplace features a premium, air-tight, stainless steel door for efficient burning, coupled with an ash pan for easy cleaning. Aesthetic customization is possible with black or brushed nickel door overlays and faceplates. The Ventis® HE250R also boasts the unique feature of a hot air distribution system, ensuring warmth reaches every corner of your room. Choosing the Ventis® HE250R means opting for comfort, efficiency, and a timeless design element for your home.

Product Specification

General Specifications
Fuel typeDry cordwood (16" recommended)
Recommended heating area750 - 2,200 ft²
Overall firebox volume2.5 ft³
Maximum burn time8 Hours
EPA loading volume1.69 ft³
Maximum heat output-dry cordwood80,000 BTU/h
Minimum overall heat output rate14,200 BTU/h (4.16 kW)
Maximum overall heat output rate48,200 BTU/h (14.13 kW)
Average efficiency-dry cordwood (HHV)68 %
Average efficiency-dry cordwood (LHV)73 %
Optimum efficiency74 %
Optimum heat transfer efficiency71 %
Average particulate emission rate1.14 g/h
Average CO53 g/h