Why Summer is the Best Time for Stove or Fireplace Installation in PA

True or false: The muggy, sticky-hot days of what may very well turn into a full-on Indian summer are an odd time to be thinking about the home hearth. Because after all, who wants to discuss the finer points of fireplace inserts or gas logs when the heat index is close to 100?

True or false: The muggy, sticky-hot days of what may very well turn into a full-on Indian summer are an odd time to be thinking about the home hearth. Because after all, who wants to discuss the finer points of fireplace inserts or gas logs when the heat index is close to 100?

Did you find yourself nodding along to those previous sentences? Well, if you did, we’re here to respectfully explain that you’re actually quite wrong. Seriously! And here’s why:

Talk to any serious fireplace salesperson, and assuming they’re being honest, they’ll agree that the late summer months of August and September constitute the very best time of year to be in the market for a fireplace insert (or a gas stove, or what have you). And why, exactly, is that? There are, in fact, a few different reasons:

1. Inventory Availability

Timing and store inventory, as you may have guessed, both play an important role. That’s because even the largest and best-stocked fireplace centers may not have the exact fireplace insert or gas stove you need in stock. And when those retailers place your order with their distributor or supplier, it can take anywhere from four to six weeks for your order to arrive.

That’s not a big deal during the dog days of summer, when at-home fireplace use is still three or four months away. But if you wait to place your order after the cold weather has already arrived, you’re likely going to find yourself disappointed—and probably pretty cold—while you wait weeks for your order to be trucked in from halfway across the country before your fireplace installation can even take place.

2. Summertime Specials

Supply and demand during the warmer months of the year should also be taken into consideration if you’re thinking of installing a new hearth. Naturally, installation techs who work with gas fireplaces and inserts are in much less demand during the months of June, July and August than they are when the leaves begin to change colors in the fall. That means you won’t be frustrated with an exorbitantly long wait time when you schedule your install appointment. Summer, by the way, is also an especially low-demand period for gas log installs.

And because sales drop off dramatically at fireplace retail stores during the summer, many merchants offer their products and services at discounted rates. (It’s the same concept as buying your gift wrapping paper the day after Christmas.) For example, Estates Chimney Sweeps is offering savings of up to $300 on Regency Wood Products all summer long.

3. Technician Availability

There are a couple other important points to keep in mind where stove and fireplace installations during the summer season are concerned. The first has to do with the availability of techs, which we touched on above. If you call a shop to have an install done during the busy season, the chances of being picky with the specific tech they send to your home are slim to none. That’s unfortunate, because you definitely do want to be picky: You always want to make sure that your unit is installed by a CSIA-certified chimney tech. If the shop you call only has one or two CSIA techs on their payroll, though, you may end up having your install completed by a much less experienced employee. And that’s never an ideal scenario.

There’s also the matter of outside weather conditions to consider. Depending on the sort of install you’re having done, there’s a good chance the technician completing the job will have to spend at least some of his or her time outside—inspecting the current state of your fireplace and flue, for instance. And the more inclement the weather, the longer it’ll probably take that tech to wrap up the job and leave you to enjoy your home’s latest addition. Completing labor when the weather is clear is simply quicker and easier for everyone involved.

Stove & Fireplace Installation Experts

Would you like to learn more about the fireplaces, gas stoves, wood stoves, and fireplace inserts offered by Estates Chimney, a Bucks County PA-based company with physical locations in both Chalfont PA and Holland PA? If so, visit the Fireplace section of our website.

In our Project Gallery, you can see photos of the grills, stoves and fireplaces that are right this very moment waiting for you in our brick-and-mortar stores. And if you’d rather contact us via phone or email to discuss a summertime fireplace installation in your own home, you can do that as well.

But remember: Don’t wait until the days of summer have turned into fall. Make your move now, and once the crisp weather arrives, you’ll be enjoying the natural warmth of a home hearth in cozy, comfortable style.


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