Blaze King Ashford 30 Wood Stove

Blaze King Ashford 30 Wood Stove

Product Details

The Blaze King Ashford 30 Wood Stove exudes an unmissable aura of quality and timeless sophistication. This regal stove offers both remarkable performance and exquisite design, making it an excellent centerpiece for your home. Encased in an enamel finish, the Ashford 30 is not only beautiful but also stands out for its extreme longevity and remarkable heat output.

Product Specification

Energy Specifications
Cord Wood Max BTU50,000 BTUs
Burn Time on Lowup to 30 hours
Efficiency (EPA approved)76%
Emissions Rate (EPA approved)0.8 g/hr
PerformanceReal World Tested Performance
Constant Heat Output on High35,980 BTU's per hour for 10 hours
Constant Heat Output on Low11,993 BTU's per hour for up to 30 hours
Average Heating Time8 - 13 hours
Firebox Size2.9 cu.ft.
Flue Size6"