Hargrove Radiant Heat Series - Woodland Timbers

Hargrove Woodland Timbers

Product Details

The Hargrove Radient Series - Woodland Timbers bring warmth and charm to your home with a blend of realistic design and innovative radiant heat technology. A standout feature of the set is an open, burnt-through area at the center of the stack, offering a view of the warm glow of char chunks and embers, which are available in sizes from 21" to 36". The radiant heat technology amplifies the heat production, pushing it off the heated surface of the ceramic fiber logs into the living area for the full benefit of your space. Moreover, Hargrove's specially designed H-Burner and the included Radiant Riser and Radiant Glow Bracket work synergistically to maximize heat output, making your fireplace not just a decorative element but a practical source of warmth.

Woodland Timbers Specs

Single Side Fireplaces

Set SizeModel #Certified ModelsWeight (lbs)# of Logs in Set
All Single Side sets above can be used with E-Burner, H-Burner, or System 4 Burner Kits

See Thru Fireplaces

Set SizeModel #Certified ModelsWeight (lbs)# of Logs in Set
All See Thru sets above can be used with ST E-Burner Kits