Mendota ML47 Timberline/Décor Linear Gas Fireplace

Mendota ML47 Linear Gas Fireplace

Product Details

The Mendota ML47 Timberline/Décor Linear Gas Fireplace is an incredible fusion of functionality, versatility, and visual splendor. Complemented by its compatibility with the LED Floor Light Kit, the ML47 offers a mesmerizing fireplace experience like no other. This linear gas fireplace comes with 16 million radiant shades, transforming your living space into a kaleidoscope of color and warmth. The fireplace's captivating aesthetics can be enjoyed equally, with or without the flames, adding a whole new layer of versatility to your home's ambiance.

Product Specs

General Specifications
ModelML47 D/T (47-7/8″ W x 17-1/4″ H)
Log Set/MediaLiquid Clear Glass
FrontNarrow Grace - Brushed Chrome
Viewing Area47-7/8" W x 17-1/4" H
*Contact us to check available combinations of our liners, fronts, finishes, accents, and log sets.