NetZero E-One Electric Fireplace


Product Details

The NetZero E-One Electric Fireplace is a state-of-the-art fireplace that takes traditional fireplaces into the future. Its design fuses innovation with a timeless sense of coziness and companionship, allowing for a safe, zero-emission and customizable fire experience. Equipped with unique holographic technology, the NetZero E-one allows users to adjust its features to match their mood or the ambiance of the room, ensuring a unique fire experience every time.

Product Specification

Atmos HeatingThe innovative Atmos Heating element provides a pleasant radiant warmth. It distributes a constant flow of warm air at a 45° angle for optimal room warming.
Atmos LightingEnhances the realism of the fire by projecting shadow effects onto the logs. The intensity can be adjusted according to preference.
Adjustable Flame HeightUsers can control the height of the flames, allowing for a dynamic play of flames.
On/Off & Anti-Reflect FunctionProvides an attractive view of the logs even when the fire isn't burning.
Fire IntensityThe brightness of the flames can be adjusted to match the ambient light in the room.
SoundUsers can choose between the blazing sound of crackling pine or the calmer burning of beech wood.
Hybrid LED E Lighting SystemSimulates the glowing ember bed of a wood fire.
Flame TypeOffers three different flame colors: a bright, light flame; a neutral orange gas flame; or the deep orange of an authentic wood fire.


Why Consider Buying It?

The NetZero E-One Electric Fireplace is the ideal addition to any home or business that desires a cozy, warming atmosphere without the downsides of a traditional fireplace. It allows for a unique, customizable fire experience, from the intensity and color of the flames to the sound of crackling wood. With its zero-emission technology and low energy consumption, it is a choice for both cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. Plus, its easy installation and safe operation make it a convenient addition to any space.