Pearl Mantels 525 Mike MDF Mantel Surround

Pearl Mantels 525 Mike Fireplace Mantel Surround

Product Details

Elevate your home's comfort and warmth with the Pearl Mantels 525-48 Mike Fireplace Mantel Surround. Not just a trim or molding, this beautiful piece of furniture becomes the room's focal point, grounding the space with an aura of tradition and heritage. The dancing flames of an open fireplace, complemented by the Mike mantel, can transform your home into a welcoming sanctuary. Crafted from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), a popular material for its sturdiness and versatility, this mantel features impressive dimensional moldings that frame your fireplace with grace and enduring beauty. Painted in white, it is ready to hang or you have the option to sand, prime, and repaint it in a color that best suits your home decor. This is more than a mantel - it's the emotional core of your living space.

Product Specification

General Specifications
Interior width48"
Interior height42"
Width to outside leg at base60"
Depth of leg at the bottom3"
Shelf length64"
Shelf depth7.87"
Overall heightWidth to outside leg at the base