Regency® Alterra® CI1150 Wood Insert

Regency CI1150 Wood Insert

Product Details

Experience the timeless appeal of a wood-burning fireplace, enhanced with modern convenience and efficiency, with the Regency CI1150 Wood Insert. This compact insert offers a significant heating capacity while ensuring a cleaner burn, emitting fewer emissions than ever before. Designed with easy-to-use controls and an attractive high-temperature cast iron door, the CI1150 wood insert seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with innovative technology. Perfect for small to medium-sized spaces, this insert turns your existing fireplace into a powerful heating source.

Product Specification

Energy Specifications
Maximum BTUs/hr55,000
EPA-Tested BTUs/hr39,100
Higher Heating Value Efficiency (HHV)70%
Lower Heating Value Efficiency (LHV)info75%
Minimum Fireplace Opening
Width (front)25 in.
Height23 in.
Depth15 1/8 in.
Dimension Notes: *using standard flue adaptor
General Specifications
Product SizeSmall
Log Size18"
Burn Timeup to 8 hrs.
Firebox Capacity1.3 cu. ft
Emissions (gms/hr)1.7
View Area170 sq. in.
Room SizeSmall
Vent TypeStainless Flex Liner
Vent Size (Air Intake)N/A
Vent Size (Exhaust)6"