Regency® Contura RC500E Gas Stove

Regency RC500 Gas Stove

Product Details

The Regency RC500 Gas Stove offers an exciting blend of sophistication, functionality, and charm. Its elegant design is reminiscent of traditional wood stoves, but it's equipped with the ease and versatility of gas. This high-efficiency stove provides consistent, comfortable warmth even during power outages, ensuring your comfort no matter the circumstances. The stove is eco-friendly, achieving low emissions and meeting strict EPA standards. With the Proflame remote control, you can adjust flame height and heat output to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Product Specification

Energy SpecificationsNGLP
Maximum BTUs/hr23,00022,000
Turn Down BTU16,00018,000
EnerGuide Rating60.3861.42
Minimum Fireplace Opening
Width (front)24 in.
General Specifications
Product SizeMedium
Room SizeMedium
Vent TypeDirect Vent
Vent Size (Air Intake)6-5/8"
Vent Size (Exhaust)4"