Ventis Corded Oak Gas Log

Ventis Corded Oak Gas Log

Product Details

Introducing the Ventis Corded Oak Gas Log Set, a stunning fireplace feature that marries beauty, functionality, and convenience. This gas log set showcases an incredibly lifelike Cord Oak appearance, mimicking the look of seasoned cord wood that one might use in a traditional fireplace. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set is sure to deceive anyone with its realistic ambiance.

Designed for either natural gas or propane, the Ventis Corded Oak Gas Log Set features a 24" burner that's ANSI certified, providing reliable and safe performance. Each log is carefully hand painted, contributing to the overall authenticity of the fireplace setup. Adding to the realism, the included lava granules and ember glow contribute to a captivating fire-like spectacle that enhances the charm of your living space.

As a part of the V1 Series gas burners, this log set presents variable flame height that can be controlled with a convenient remote. Furthermore, all controls are cleverly hidden at the back of the burner, maintaining the neat appearance of your fireplace.

Product Specification

General Specifications
Maximum BTU Output55,000
Min/Max Natural Gas Inlet Pressure5"/10.5" WC
Minimum Firebox Dimensions30" W x 18" H x 15" D
Valve TypeElectronic ignition